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No unobtainium needed to obtain lunar steel

9 Jul 2012, 04:00 UTC
No unobtainium needed to obtain lunar steel
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To try to stop people from instantly dismissing the possibility of near-term affordable means to extract, form and build with metals on the Moon, Dennis Wingo goes through the basic steps of how these things could be done with fairly simple and straight-forward methods: Slaying Sacred Space Cows - denniswingo - After reading this somewhat long post I hope that the reader will get the idea that obtaining, melting, and forming metal is no big deal. As someone who grew up with and continues to work with steel I find it astonishing when otherwise intelligent people simply dismiss the possibility with a wave of the hand. There is absolutely nothing precluding a metals centric ISRU implementation on the Moon that would have an immediate upstream effect on the entire architecture for lunar/Mars exploration.

In all of the discussions about heavy lift, I have never been able to find anyone who can list more than a few payloads that require a heavy lifter. These are things such as a habitats, pressurized rovers, power systems, and humans. With a robust implementation of ISRU coupled with the landing of modest equipment with existing vehicles, the need for heavy lift is completely eliminated.

That ...

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