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Virgin Galactic talks at Farnborough about WK2/SS2 plan

7 Jul 2012, 15:05 UTC
Virgin Galactic talks at Farnborough about WK2/SS2 plan
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AvWeek's cover article for the latest issue is on Virgin Galactic and the WK2/SS2 program: SpaceShipTwo Debuts At Farnborough - Aviation Now.

Some info of interest:
/-- Still aiming for first rocket powered flights by end of the year and passenger flights by end of 2013.
/-- Initial rocket burns will be in the 15 sec range (vs about 55 sec for full duration).
/-- First five flights will be with short duration burns
/-- With the addition of the new and bigger strakes on the inboard sides of the vertical tails, they have to "reclear the envelope", i.e. repeat many of the earlier flight tests.
/-- Then they will start to add the rocket systems and test effects on CG and other aspects of the flight regime of the additional mass.
/-- "the propulsion system has become heavier than expected" since the flight tests started. This led to some changes to the landing gear and brakes.
/-- Taxi tests at 35-65 mph were done to test these mods.
/-- There was also some hardware mods to the WK2 including design changes to the fuel inlet cooler and landing gear
/-- The Spaceship Company has begun construction ...

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