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ArduSat - run your experiment in space for a week

16 Jun 2012, 02:44 UTC
ArduSat - run your experiment in space for a week
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The company NanoSatisfi has opened a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to launch their ArduSat spacecraft, which will hold a large suite of sensors and cameras run via Arduino processors. Contributors, depending on the size of their donation, can order images to be taken of particular locations on earth, run an experiment with the sensors for up to a week, and become a partner in the project:
/-- ArduSat - Your Arduino Experiment in Space by ppl4world — Kickstarter
/-- ArduSat: a real satellite mission that you can be a part of - DVICE.

The ArduSatis a miniature cubic satellite, measuring 10 cm along each edge and weighing about 1 kg. Onboard it will have a suite of 25+ sensors, including three cameras, a Geiger counter, spectrometer, magnetometer and more (check out the FAQ below for a full list). The sensors are connected to a bank of user-programmable Arduino processors, which run your application or experiment, gathering data from the space environment.

The Arduinos can also read status data from the satellite (like orbit position, per-system power usage, board temperature, etc.), so you can also run tests on the satellite itself. Check out our YouTube Channel for technical ...

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