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Last Venus Transit of the Century

22 May 2012, 12:47 UTC
Last Venus Transit of the Century
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We have waited 8 years for this event on June 6th this year and if we miss it, its just another 105 years wait for this event to re occur. This event is Transit of Venus, and the last time we observed was on June 8th2004 and its going to take place again on June 6th this year. In 2004 we could see both Ingress, that is Planet entering Sun's disc, and also Egress meaning Planet coming out of Sun's disc. Many had luck observing the full event but a lot of us had to deal with clouds, as monsoon was just starting. Since March 26th 2012 after the Greatest Elongation of Venus, we are observing the planet slowly shrinking in altitude in the evening sky and also observing the changing phases of Venus through the telescope, Venus changing from Half lit to Crescent phase and also we have been noticing that the planet is getting bigger in angular size and with this we can conclude that Venus is coming closer and in a few days time it will be between the Earth and the Sun. When Venus comes between Earth and the Sun, the planet is said to be ...

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