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ExoAPI: SpaceApps Challenge

17 Apr 2012, 16:40 UTC
ExoAPI: SpaceApps Challenge
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Yay! The ExoAPI I proposed to be included as a challenge to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE APPS CHALLENGE has just been posted. For now I just wanted to get the word out and encourage anyone and everyone to support this endeavor and share their ideas to help create an ExoAPI, a platform that will allow any programmer to grab exoplanet data and create mashups that is accessible on the internet.

For those who have a background in coding, I would like to encourage you to contribute a few cycles of your brain processing power to a worthy cause that has something to do with space and the future. I encourage you to participate in the International Space Apps Challenge. Please sign up and browse through all the other challenges and look to see where your talents could most likely be helpful.

Regarding the ExoAPI, the exoplanet era is upon us. And data about exoplanets is growing at a massive pace. However, most of that data is not being harnessed to it's full potential. Most of it is locked into private databases that are scattered. The ExoAPI goal will allow us to harness these datasets by making it accessible in a streamlined ...

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