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Alien Life

What SETI is (or was) searching for and Star Trek’s Talosians

1 May 2011, 23:35 UTC
What SETI is (or was) searching for and Star Trek’s Talosians
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Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g Stars - A cutting-edge experiment hunting for antimatter galaxies and signs of dark matter that was very nearly cancelled is finally poised to voyage into orbit aboard the next-to-last space shuttle mission. See article.g Abodes - Greenhouse gases have increased more frequently in Earth's history than previously believed. Fluxes involved a significant exchange of carbon between surface reservoirs and the atmosphere. Higher levels of CO2 affect nutrient uptake by planets, which could cause problems as the modern climate continues to heat up. See article.g Life - Fifty million-year-old fossils from ancestors of today's dugongs are helping scientists understand the temperature and composition of the waters in which they swam. The study is providing new information about climate change events, both ancient and modern. See article.g Intelligence - Researchers at Brown University have found that specific genetic variations can predict how persistently people will believe advice they are given, even when it is contradicted by experience. See article.g Message - What sort of signal would satisfactorily announce an extraterrestrial intelligence as detected by radio-emission or light reception (if SETI were ...

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