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Alien Life

We’re all Martians and a rundown of SETI searches

31 Mar 2011, 15:00 UTC
We’re all Martians and a rundown of SETI searches Lynette Cook
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Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g Stars - Astronomers have taken the pulse of red giant stars by measuring their starquakes — stellar shivers that run so deep they can reach a star's core, scientists say. See article.g Abodes - Scientists trying to understand the mechanics involved in asteroid collisions typically rely on the precision of computer models and lines of code. But sometimes, these experiments are best done using mini-wrecking balls suspended from 40-foot cranes. See article.g Life - Could life on Earth have descended from organisms that originated on Mars, and then were carried to our planet by meteorites? A new instrument that is currently being developed could provide the answer. See article.g Intelligence - By combining sophisticated mathematical techniques more commonly used by spies instead of scientists with the power and versatility of functional magnetic resonance imaging, a neurologist has developed a new approach for studying the inner workings of the brain. A hidden pattern is encoded in the seemingly random order of things presented to a human subject, which the brain reveals when observed with fMRI. The research is published in ...

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