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Blueshift - July 17, 2009: Blueshift Goes to the Movies

17 Jul 2009, 21:57 UTC
Blueshift - July 17, 2009: Blueshift Goes to the Movies
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It's summertime, which means that Hollywood is releasing a bunch of long-awaited, big-budget blockbusters! You can cool off in the theater with action, adventure, and... astronomy? Space science has been written into a variety of films - from the predictable genre of science fiction to romance, drama, and comedy. But do these movies get it right? Occasionally, but many movies have astronomers and other space-savvy members of the audience gritting their teeth and groaning at the misconceptions and misrepresentations upon the big screen. We took our microphone into the hallways and offices of the Astrophysics Science Division and asked: What's your pet peeve about astronomy in the movies? The opinions included represent that of the individuals we interviewed, and not Blueshift or NASA. Sound off on our website or Twitter about astronomy movies that drive you crazy!

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