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A Tour Through the Lives of the Stars

30 Jul 2009, 04:56 UTC
A Tour Through the Lives of the Stars
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This podcast is about stellar evolution, how the stars are born, live and die. I will talk about the reactions in the cores of the stars and I will try to explain the effects of the mass and chemical composition in the lifetime of a star as well as its possible endings. My intention is to give to you a general picture of this, to understand our sun’s fate, and to look above at the night sky with new eyes and more knowledge. Andre's blog: http://astro-andregoncalves.blogspot.com/ I am André Gonçalves from Vieira do Minho, Portugal. In 2003, I looked at the eyepiece of a telescope for the first time. Then, I researched a lot about astronomy and I bought my first telescope and binoculars (I was only thirteen). Throughout 2006, I entered in a program for the best students in mathematics of the country at University of Porto (2006/2007) and I did a summer student program of two weeks at Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP). In the following year, I made a 4.5 inch dobsonian at CAUP! Today, I am eighteen years old and I am doing my graduation in physics at University of Minho, Portugal. Now, I have three telescopes and some cameras and I make my observations and imaging whenever I can. SPONSOR: This episode is proudly sponsored by: Joseph Brimacombe, an ultra-enthusiastic amateur astronomer based at the Coral Towers and Macedon Ranges Observatories in Australia, and the New Mexico Skies observatory in the United States, and is dedicated to: Stephen Hawking who reintroduced me to the topic of cosmology with his remarkable book, a Brief History of Time; and who rekindled my interest in Star Trek after a guest appearance in The Next Generation. Stephen, you are one of the most accomplished and inspirational scientists of our time, and certainly the bravest. The astronomy community, in this very special year, wishes you a speedy recovery from your recent illness.

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