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April 2011

3 Apr 2011, 09:00 UTC
April 2011
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Arriba! Arriba! In this episode we talk to 4 members of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics: Dr Bob Watson [09:30 - [13:49] tells us about the cosmic microwave background radiation, Dr Cristobal Espinoza [13:49 - [21:03] tells us about pulsar glitches, Dr Jaime Pineda [21:03 - 27:28] tells us about star formation and Matias Vidal [27:28 - [33:42] tells us about cosmology. As usual, Megan has the latest astronomical news [02:15 - [08:34] and Ian Morison and John Field tell us what's in the night sky [40:07 - [60:01]

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