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http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/podcasting/twan_07_02_09.html: NASA TV's This Week @NASA, July 2
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2 Jul 2009, 16:00 UTC
http://feeds2.feedburner.com/2d905da577563b114bbf949419b46c87: Herschel and Planck Set Sail into the Cold Universe
365 Days of Astronomy

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2 Jul 2009, 00:32 UTC The successful launch of the Herschel Space Observatory and Plancksatellite on 18 May this year was an exhilarating and nerve-rackingexperience for those involved with these missions. We interviewed someof the astronomers and engineers involved at the launch event inCardiff University to find out their feelings, opinions andpredictions of discoveries to come. Name and organization:Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope and Cardiff University http://www.lcogt.nethttp://www.astro.cf.ac.uk Bios:Dr Edward Gomez works for Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope(http://lcogt.net) as the education and outreach manager. He isinvolved in many other science engagement projects, including the'Science or Fiction' podcast series, 'Teapots from Space' vodcasts andis a lay-editor for Portal to the Universe. Edward likes coffee and apaper on a Sunday morning, while listening to some baroque music. Dr Haley Gomez is a lecturer in Astrophysics at Cardiff University.She is part of the scientific groups who will use Herschel todiscover more about the cool Universe and is particularly interestedin finding out where cosmic dust comes from. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SPONSOR: AAVSO The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is a project that is publishing one podcast per day, 5 to 10 minutes in duration, for all 365 days of 2009. The podcast episodes are written, recorded and produced by people around the world. ...

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