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http://astronomy.fm/?p=16731: Comet Watch Ep 010 – Bill Bradfield, Comet Hunter Extraordinaire (1927-2014)

Direct link Comet Watch Ep 010 – Bill Bradfield, Comet Hunter Extraordinaire (1927-2014)

14 Jan 2016, 03:44 UTC Welcome to CometWatch! Your Hosts are Nick Evetts Neil Norman, and a big welcome to Mary Spicer who has joined our team. We are three British Comet Observers & Imagers. Nick is now living in the US and Mary & Neil live in the UK! In our Tenth show we as usual do our “Shipping Forecast” for Comets and then talk to Justin Tilbrook & Terry Lovejoy about Bill Bradfield 1997O1 1999A1 Bill Bradfield and his Scope Justin Tilbrooks Scope BAA Comet Section Page: http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~jds/ The German Comet Group: http://kometen.fg-vds.de/fgk_hpe.htm Seiichi Yoshida’s page: http://www.aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia: http://cometobservations.freeservers.com/ Planetary Science Insitute Cometary Coma Image Enhancement Facility: http://www.psi.edu/research/cometimen BAA/TA comet image archive: http://www.britastro.org/cometobs/ Bill Bradfield, Comet Hunter Extraordinaire (1927-2014): http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/bill-bradfield-comet-hunter-extraordinaire-1927-2014 http://www.shopatsky.com/sky-and-telescope-april-1977-digital-issue?utm_source=MY&utm_medium=ar&utm_campaign=MYstar061714 (digital issue from 1977 purchase required) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_A._Bradfield Bill Bradfield on comet C/2004F4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clAA8NrGcbE Bill Bradfield Comet Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA_OF6-0wxk&feature=youtu.be
http://www.thenakedscientists.com/guid/Space_Boffins_16.01.10.mp3: Surgery in Space
Naked Astronomy

Direct link Surgery in Space

10 Jan 2016, 00:00 UTC
http://www.jodcast.net/archive/201601/20160101-jodcast.mp3: January 2016
The Jodcast

Direct link January 2016

9 Jan 2016, 09:00 UTC
http://www.nasa.gov/mediacast/this-week-nasa-january-8-2016: This Week @ NASA, January 8, 2016
This Week @ NASA

Direct link This Week @ NASA, January 8, 2016

8 Jan 2016, 18:31 UTC

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