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Stellar Astrophysics Centre at the University of Aarhus

First (nice) Light from Delphini-1

12 Mar 2019, 07:58 UTC
First (nice) Light from Delphini-1

Here finally are the first nice pictures taken with Delphini-1. We hope you will enjoy the nice clouds and the Earth’s atmosphere, respectively!
Taking good pictures is not an easy job! ...every professional and amateur photographer would testify to that!
It took us a while to test the camera and explore the different settings, which are not trivial to find when the camera is in space and moving and always experiencing different light conditions.

Both pictures were taken over the South Pacific Ocean on March 8 at 04:30 and 04:31 a.m. UTC with an exposure time of 0.015 sec. Image credits: Delphini-1 team.

A full description of the NanoCam from GOMspace can be downloaded here.
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