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National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

NRAO eNews Volume 3, Issue 6

16 Jun 2010, 21:00 UTC
NRAO eNews Volume 3, Issue 6

Upcoming Events, Prof. Reinhard Genzel Awarded the 2010 Jansky Lectureship, Cometary Workshop in Green Bank, Call for Expression of Interest in the Scientific Use of the ALMA Vertex Prototype Antenna, ALMA Array Now a Handful, WIDAR Demonstrates Ability to Observe Many Diagnostic Spectral Lines Simultaneously, No Hassle Pointing at the GBT, New GBT Dynamic Scheduling System Features, The Chandra Source Catalog, Observing at Pie Town VLBA Antenna Halted, Awaiting Azimuth Track Repair, The NRAO at the 216th AAS Meeting in Miami, Pulsar Search Collaboratory Selected as 2010 NSF Highlight, Recent Press Releases, Proposal Codes and Published Paper, From the Archives, Career Opportunities...

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