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Europlanet Research Infrastructure

Europlanet Planetary Science Resource of the Week

9 Feb 2018, 16:22 UTC
Europlanet Planetary Science Resource of the Week

Europlanet Planetary Science Resource of the Week
Each week from February 2018, the Europlanet Facebook page will feature a planetary science resource for educators, teachers and students.
These resources will be high quality educational activities to be used in and out of the classroom. The resources will feature  activities from the peer-reviewed Europlanet Collections published on IAU astroEDU, covering topics from planetary maps, the solar system and planetary exploration to asteroids and comets.
If you’d like to feature your planetary science resource in our Facebook campaign, write to us at social@europlanet-eu.org.
Planetary Science Resource of the Week: 8th February

Children’s Planetary Maps: Mars – Using the map of the Mars specifically designed for children, students will have an insight to the geography, environmental conditions, astrobiological potential and exploration opportunities of that body. http://astroedu.iau.org/en/activities/1721/childrens-planetary-maps-mars/

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