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International Astronautical Federation

IAC2017 – The Next Generation Plenary Call

9 Jan 2017, 13:22 UTC
IAC2017 – The Next Generation Plenary Call

-Imagining Innovative Methods for Assured and Secure Access to Space Resources-
Students and Young Professionals, We Want Your Input!
The global economy and security of many nations depends on assured and secure access to space resources that provide communications, timing and navigation services and remote sensing data. There are many threats to this assured and secure access including space debris, hacking, space weather, ground environment, unexpected spacecraft-to-spacecraft interference (e.g. EMI), ground system uplink/downlink interference, and unstable economic and political situations. There are industry, academia, agency, national, and international efforts under way to address this broad spectrum of manmade and environmental challenges.
We are looking for students and young professionals who are contributing to these efforts. We are looking for those who are working on how to recognize, detect, prevent, avoid, and overcome these challenges. As well, we are looking for those addressing the legal and economic systems necessary in managing the space environment. We want your input now! We invite you to share your ideas in a plenary panel with an audience of senior space leaders in government, industry and academia at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia 25-29 September, 2017!
For further instructions please check the PDF link below and for questions, contact ypp@iafastro.org

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