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Quasars – Reloaded

20 Feb 2011, 08:45 UTC
Quasars – Reloaded
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In my last post on Quasars I discussed some speculations and theories about Quasars. You can find it here. Now, I’ll continue talking about the mechanism and galactic collisions.
A black hole with an abundant food supply is a messy eater. It garbs more than it can swallow. The surplus material appears to be ejected in two jets perpendicular to the accretion disk, presumably over the hole’s rotational poles. Why the hole fails to suck in everything that approaches it is unclear, but the dual jet phenomenon is seen in many quasars and in galaxies with active nuclei. In some cases, huge clouds of mater have been hurled millions of light-years from the black hole, more than the distance form the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy.
It now seems likely that almost every galaxy has a central black hole created during galactic birth. An initial intense period of star formation and massive-star supernovas at the crowded galactic nucleus would have left many black holes in the 10-solar-mass range. These black holes would have grown by colliding and merging with each other and by feeding on the nebulae that were plentiful then. The larger of two colliding black holes would emerge ...

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