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A Dr. Who Space Telescope?

7 Feb 2011, 04:11 UTC
A Dr. Who Space Telescope?
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Recently, I was watching an online video when they started discussing the James Webb Space Telescope. They discussed it as a “freaking awesome frickin’ space telescope.” and I would have to agree entirely. Just take a look at the features of this spectacular telescope, and you’ll see why we’re saying this.
An artists depiction of the James Webb Space Telescope when it will be completed. Credit: NASA
The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a brilliant piece of machinery with a monstrous mirror: 6.5 meters (or 21.3 feet) in diameter or 7.5 times larger than Hubble’s! Plus, the sun shield is the size of a tennis court. Last I checked, they didn’t make rockets as wide as a tennis court. That’s the other amazing feature. The shield will be folded up for launch atop the Ariane 5. So, through the magic of interstellar computer commands, once in orbit, the shield will unfold to its full size in a matter of seconds.
Now, the dimensions are impressive, but what’s so great about this telescope. Isn’t it just a replacement for the ailing Hubble Space Telescope? Well, yes and no. In fact, Hubble is only about 300 miles above the earth. The ...

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