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Will computers replace lawyers?

17 Jan 2011, 03:47 UTC
Will computers replace lawyers?
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American lawyers have expressed concern for years regarding their work being outsourced to overseas firms. Now there may be a new threat to the profession's future, not just in America but in all jurisdictions (including the common law jurisdictions to which American legal work is currently being sent): computers that do a day of lawyer's work in a few seconds. I guess if any extant advanced technological civilizations in our galaxy are (as Seth Shostak suggests) machines, they don't need lawyers . . . Source and Credit: ICT ResultsEuropean researchers have created a legal analysis query engine that combines artificial intelligence, game theory and semantics to offer advice, conflict prevention and dispute settlement for European law, and it even supports policy.European law is complex, many layered and expanding. There are thousands of regulations, so many that compliance is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.While harmonization is underway, the process itself demands that individuals, companies and law firms often have to relearn the system.Meanwhile, areas like intellectual property rights (IPR) and digital rights regulation that seek to combat piracy are becoming evermore complex to understand and apply consistently across Europe.Thankfully, help is at hand. The ALIS project has developed a computerised platform that ...

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