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Metalaw and SETI

A Matter of Metalaw, Part III

8 Dec 2010, 04:24 UTC
A Matter of Metalaw, Part III
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As described in previous posts (here and here), science fiction author G. Harry Stine, in his article "How to get along with an extraterrestrial . . . or your neighbor" (Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, february 1980), outlined his version of metalaw as encapsulated in his six principles of metalaw. stine borrowed heavily from previous metalegal thinkers, not just andrew haley but ernst fasan and robert freitas jr. as well.stine revisited metalaw in 1986, in his science fiction novel a matter of metalaw, which he published under his pen name, lee correy. the used copy of the stine/correy paperback i bought off the web is actually signed by the author to someone named pete. ("don't wear black!" stine/correy wrote to pete, signing under both his real name and as lee correy.)stine has obviously given some additional thought to metalaw in the years since he published his 1980 article. his 1986 novel begins with a preface stating his revised definitions and canons regarding metalaw. while stine's definition of an intelligent being remained essentially the same as in 1980, he refined his definition of "zone of sensitivity" (see stine's seventh canon, below) to read as follows:"a spherical region about an intelligent being that ...

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