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Metalaw and SETI

A Matter of Metalaw, Part II

7 Dec 2010, 04:28 UTC
A Matter of Metalaw, Part II
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In a previous post, I described how author G. Harry Stine, who published the science fiction novel A Matter of Metalaw under his pen name Lee Correy in 1986, had previously published in 1980 an article regarding his interpretation of the work of Andrew Haley and Ernst Fasan on Metalaw. That article, "How to get along with an extraterrestrial . . . or your neighbor," appeared in the February 1980 issue of Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact.Although Haley is generally credited with coining the term Metalaw and first articulating his Interstellar Golden Rule "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them," Stine points out in his article that an earlier statement and identical rationale for this rule can be found in the works of George Bernard Shaw: "Do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Their tastes may be different." (Maxims for Revolutionists, 1903)Perhaps Shaw's quip was the original inspiration for Haley's prime metalegal maxim, as well as its rationale. Perhaps not. In any case, the elaboration of Metalaw did not begin and end with Andrew Haley. Elsewhere I have outlined the significant contributions of other legal thinkers such as Ernst Fasan and ...

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