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Metalaw and SETI

A Matter of Metalaw, Part I

4 Dec 2010, 04:35 UTC
A Matter of Metalaw, Part I
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In a previous post on the origin of the term "Metalaw" and in an article regarding a brief introduction to Metalaw, I discuss a fleeting reference to "space law and meta-law" in the 1958 novel Have Space Suit -- Will Travel, by the great science fiction author Robert Heinlein. This popular culture reference to Metalaw dates from only two year after Andrew Haley first claimed to have coined the term.Never having read the book myself, I ordered an old library copy through Amazon.com a few weeks ago. At about the same time, I became aware of a 1986 science fiction paperback titled A Matter of Metalaw, by writer Lee Correy -- the pen name of G. Harry Stine, who also happened to be one of the founding fathers of the hobby of model rocketry. I ordered a used copy of that book also.Science fiction can be a rich source of thought regarding topics related to Metalaw (just look at this list of metalegal pronouncements compiled by Robert Freitas in his book Xenology). I haven't read A Matter of Metalaw in its entirety yet, but was intrigued by the tagline on the cover: "Metalaw had brought peace to the galaxy -- ...

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