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Russia Going Nuclear (Space Rockets That Is)

1 Dec 2010, 19:13 UTC
Russia Going Nuclear (Space Rockets That Is)
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Once again “Mother Russia” is contemplating using nuclear rockets in its quest to conquer the final frontier.Only this time instead of laying out wishful thoughts, the country seems to be settling upon not only a time frame, but also an estimated cost as well.Russia’s Energia space corporation said on Tuesday it is planning to start working on standardized space modules with nuclear-powered propulsion systems next year.Energia director Vitaly Lopota said the first launches with a capacity of 150 to 500 KW could be made some time in 2020. [...]The project will require an estimated 17 billion rubles (over $580 million) in funding. (RIA Novosti)Going nuclear could help Russia not only land a man (or woman) upon the Moon, but also help them beat America to Mars (not to mention the Galilean moons of Jupiter as well).Ironically NASA previously pondered nuclear rockets as well, but it’s doubtful the government agency could launch a nuclear rocket into space without encountering half a dozen lawsuits (and hundreds of protesters).While nuclear rockets are a critical factor if humanity desires to expand beyond his cozy home world, we may need something faster if we want to conquer our star system within the next few centuries ...

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