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NASA's Dysfunctional Outreach

9 Nov 2021, 16:05 UTC
NASA's Dysfunctional Outreach
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Virtually no one seems to be watching @NASA Spaceflight For Everybody Symposium yet #NASA has a global brand reach unlike any other space agency & few other organizations #NASA is clueless when it comes to targeting an audience but is unsurpassed in its raw ability to reach one. https://t.co/YZNpyOp0K9— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) November 9, 2021 Spaceflight for Everybody Symposium is interesting and boring. Speakers range from people like @AstroSerena who is engaging and is actually talking to the audience and the there are other @NASA people who talk to their powerpoint slides using way too much jargon 1/2 https://t.co/WLdrp8ys6l— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) November 9, 2021

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