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Today’s Deep Space Extra

4 Nov 2021, 13:52 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… FCC approves Boeing’s 147-satellite V-band constellation. Earth blasted by a solar flare from the sun.

Space ScienceThe sun just blasted the Earth with an enormous solar flare: The footage is unrealFuturism (11/1): Solar activity, which flared up intensely on October 28 is responsible for dazzling displays of the Northern Lights, or aurora, over North America. The sun began its latest 11-year cycle of solar activity in December 2019.
This bizarre ‘superbubble’ spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope has scientists scratching their headsSpace.com (11/3): The image of a vast cloud spotted with the Hubble Space Telescope 170,000 light years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a nebula, has astronomers puzzled. The experts have been especially baffled over how a superbubble about 250 light years wide formed.

Other News
FCC approves Boeing’s 147-satellite V-band constellationCoalition Member in the News – BoeingSpaceNews.com (11/3): Boeing has received FCC approval to develop and deploy 147 non-geostationary orbit broadband communications satellites. The approval covers the launch of half the constellation within six years and all of the satellites within nine years. Boeing submitted the application to deploy a high-frequency V-band spectrum nearly five years ago, when ...

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