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After 9 Months Biden's Space Policy Is Totally TBD

3 Nov 2021, 17:06 UTC
After 9 Months Biden's Space Policy Is Totally TBD
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Keith's note: In case you have not noticed, Joe Biden has stopped talking about Moon rocks and Mars Helicopters or NASA. But he does allude to "winning the space race" on occasion (whatever that means half a century later). Alas, the vice president's office was incapable of finding actual human children with an interest in space here in the DC metro area so her staff hired a bunch of child actors from around the country to pretend to be interested and flew them to a set for a show-and-tell thing.

There is a National Space Council which the VP's office decided to keep - but it needed a make over first to get rid of the Pence/Trump vibes. Although its membership is mostly set by charter we have heard nothing about that or when it will meet. After the first deadline for the Space Council's Users Advisory Group (UAG) membership solicitation came and went (low response rate apparently) they extended it another month. The new date was 29 October so, given the glacial pace that space policy moves these days, it will be next year before we find out who is on the UAG. And of course we'll need ...

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