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Today’s Deep Space Extra

12 Oct 2021, 14:15 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Space Launch System completed design certification review. Sally Ride to be featured on 2022 U.S. quarter.

Human Space ExplorationSpace Launch System rocket passes design certification reviewSpaceflightinsider.com (10/11): The milestone review includes an examination of test data and hardware inspections to verify the safety and reliability of the Space Launch System (SLS) as the rocket is prepared for its first test flight, Artemis I. What remains now is the integration of the flight-ready Orion stack, which includes a stage adapter, secondary science and technology payloads, the spacecraft, and the launch-abort system. The completed Artemis I stack will then be rolled out to Launch Complex 39B for a wet dress rehearsal before being returned to the VAB for final checks for the actual launch.
Space Science
Forecasting space weather is hard. A new Australian satellite may help make it easierSpace.com (10/11): CUAVA-1 is a small satellite launched to and later deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) last week. The small satellite was developed as part of an Australian space economic development initiative to help improve space weather forecasts.
The first Arab mission to Mars is delivering some interesting scienceArstechnica.com (10/11): The United Arab Emirates’ ...

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