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Today’s Deep Space Extra

27 Sep 2021, 12:56 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Landsat 9 is ‘go’ for launch today. United Launch Alliance and others win Space Force contracts for rocket technology projects.

Human Space Exploration
NASA’s Artemis astronauts could catch a new ride to the launchpadNextgov (9/24): Between 1984 and the end of the space shuttle era in 2011, NASA astronauts would ride in an Astrovan—a modified 1983-model Airstream motorhome—from the Operations and Checkout Building at the Florida Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to the launch pad for liftoff. For its modern Artemis missions, the space agency aims to use an “Artemis Crew Transportation Vehicle,” or CTV that’s up-to-date, eco-friendly and capable of seating at least eight to ferry the astronauts from suit-up to launch.
China eyes sending 1st female astronaut to new space stationSpace.com (9/24): Expected to launch around October 3, China’s three-person Shenzhou 13 crew is likely to include the first woman to live and work aboard the core module of the country’s Tiangong space station. She’s Wang Yaping, who became the second Chinese woman in space in 2013 on Shenzhou 10. Shenzhou 10 launched to Tiangong 1, an orbital space lab testbed.

Space Science
Landsat 9, NASA’s most powerful Landsat satellite ...

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