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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 627

8 Oct 2010, 09:59 UTC
Spirit Sol 627
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"We can't say we're stable," Ashitey says, "and we can't say we're unstable." What we know is, we wiggled the wheels, and we slipped. But we slipped more the first and second time, losing about two degrees of overall tilt in the process; the change on the third wiggle was definitely less. But then, at the end, when we cocked the wheels against the direction of slip, we slipped more during that motion.My take on this is that everything is in fact just fine. We're on a slope; we're tilted; we're going to move when we wiggle the wheels. But we shouldn't be freaking out about that, because it's not what we care about. What we care about is whether we're going to move (or tilt) when we deploy the IDD, which is a different question. And when you look at how little we slip when we wiggle the wheels, I think you'd have a hard time saying we're going to slip when we deploy the IDD.We're freaking out more because we took the wiggle-cam images -- hazcams before and after wiggling the wheels -- when we first got here, and we saw a change in those images. But the ...

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