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On the Road: Granite Gap, New Mexico, follow-up

7 Oct 2010, 16:26 UTC
On the Road: Granite Gap, New Mexico, follow-up
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The Celestron and Astronomy Magazine observatories stand side by side at Rancho Hidalgo, near Animas, New Mexico, with Clyde Tombaugh’s 16-inch telescope in the background. David J. Eicher photoWell, you win some and you lose some. After a spectacular first night of observing on Friday, October 1, an extremely late monsoonal flow wiped out the Astronomy magazine group’s observing at Granite Gap and Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico. On Saturday the skies were cloudy, but on Sunday it rained — almost unheard of in October. We had to table many exotic deep-sky objects on the list for our final two nights of viewing until the next trip. But my companions, Assistant Editor Bill Andrews, Copy Editor Karri Ferron, Gene Turner, Loy Guzman, and a group of others who came to see what Granite Gap was all about, made the best of the situation. We explored Granite Gap, the property Turner is developing into a low-cost, dark-sky site for amateur astronomers — the first of its kind. The incredible job of preparing the property for residency and a “24/7 star party” is moving along nicely, with roads and electricity in, and the huge man-made lake on the property filled with beautiful blue-green ...

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