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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 625

6 Oct 2010, 08:39 UTC
Spirit Sol 625
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I must be bad luck or something. This is the third consecutive sol I've worked where we were missing important drive imagery.Thisol we're missing most of the NCAMs that were to support our final approach to Hillary, a juicy rock target here at the true summit of Husband Hill. Fortunately, the one NCAM we do have covers the straightforward approach to Hillary. Unfortunately, the straightforward approach is a no-go for comm reasons. So instead of tackling it head-on in a northward drive, we have to skirt around so that we're heading at it more northeasterly. And this means taking on much higher tilt -- nearly 30 degrees, above our comfort level.(Hillary is, of course, named in honor of Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary. To my surprise, the man is still alive, in his late eighties. Squyres is planning to email him some images of the rock we've named for him. I find this somehow bizarre, as if we were going to send a fax to Erik the Red.)We're trying to get Spirit into position to IDD, including some very long-term MB and APXS integrations, for the few days that there's no RP coverage because everyone's in Hawaii. We could possibly ...

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