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The Orion nebula 2009

16 Feb 2009, 01:29 UTC
The Orion nebula 2009
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Hey,I finally got the chance to observe/image!!!.Time has been a factor as most of you know and along with the lack of time,foul weather has been putting a monkey wrench into the gears of observing.With clear skies and temps in the low 20’s F I just couldn’t pass at the chance.Having not had the scope out since the last day of August..(heh,I didn’t realise that it had been so long!),I spent the afternoon putting the gear together which included searching for much of the equipment and reconfiguring the autostar for my new observing site.I set the scope up at 5pm which I felt would give the scope ample time to cool down to the outside temps.Again,not running the scope for such a long period of time I was a bit worried that it might have developed some bugs that I wasn’t prepared to deal with.I must say the scope performed nicely with only a couple minor glitches that can/will be worked out at a later time.
One of my first targets was the famous Orion nebula which I give a wow factor of 10!.Again,I am used to observing at a very light polluted site so,seeing this old friend in true ...

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