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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 619

30 Sep 2010, 04:42 UTC
Spirit Sol 619
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Coincidentally, my last drive was performed without the assistance of the ultimate FHAZ, and so must this one be. Spirit's just a few meters away from the true summit of Husband Hill -- a slightly higher point than the spot we last thought was the summit -- and we're going to drive up onto it.That's a given. The big discussion at the SOWG meeting is what we're going to do next -- I mean, over the weekend. Should we pick a juicy rock and IDD it, and so use that rock as thisol's drive target? Or should we just get into a good position to do imaging, and do self-IDDing (such as by putting the MB on the CCT) over the weekend if we IDD at all?Hap's take: "We're too experienced to be wasting our time exploring dusty rocks. We should wait and do clean rocks somewhere else."Squyres agrees: "We may have to trade this strike-and-dip imaging against the IDD position." But they can't get the pictures of rocks they want anywhere else, while the rocks they have pictures of are not particularly interesting IDD targets, so that's a bad trade. "So let's do structural imaging on some face of ...

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