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Congress Recesses on Humanity

27 Sep 2010, 16:19 UTC
Congress Recesses on Humanity
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http://www.space.com/news/house-recess-nasa-bill-100927.htmlI've been struggling over the past week or so to find something to blog about. Soyuz lands, a few asteroid things here, some math models playing with astrophysics theories there, but in short, basically everything is resting on Congress and their ability (inability?) to actually fund the federal aspects of the space industry to a point where it's really effective.Well, I guess we get to wait a bit longer. I just love how politicians talk about their love of space, science, engineering and technology, but never really give two craps when it's an election season. I am so sick of these lawyers and career politicians with their fancy degrees and absolutely no technical knowledge of how to actually better the human race. Of course, that's not their goal, is it? It's all about the latest poll and the next election.This broken f-ing system is showing itself to be what it is, over and over, yet people blindly follow along without giving two thoughts to how life COULD be if we maybe got some real smart people in places where it mattered.End rant.

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