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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 605

15 Sep 2010, 19:27 UTC
Spirit Sol 605
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The Erebus Highway drive worked splendidly, putting us right where it was supposed to. Now, back on the other side of the world, I get to help pull off another miracle: an 11m drive followed by a scuff. This is just like we did on Serpent way back on sol 72 or thenabouts, only starting from much farther away. This should be a good test of our abilities: have we learned enough since then to make something like this work? Chris is more confident than I am, but I sure hope he's right.We break down the responsibilities more or less like this. Chris is going to worry about getting us there, and Ashley and I will work out the obstacle-checker helper sequence and the scuff sequence itself. The obstacle checker is going to have an important responsibility thisol: keeping us from driving over a cliff. Really. The dune (ripple?) we want to scuff is right on the edge of a cliff, and if we go a meter or so past it, it's bye-bye, Spirit.The way the obstacle checkers work is this. We work out a list of known obstacles, and for each one, we define a circular hazard region around ...

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