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Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum

Bear Mountain astronomy retreat!

27 Oct 2008, 03:26 UTC
Bear Mountain astronomy retreat!
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It did clear up Saturday night, but it was 11PM by the time it was clear enough to start setting up my equipment for photography. There were clouds on the backside of the front that the CSC didn't predict. It was clear during dinner, though. We ate like kings and had a great meal!Early on in the evening it was partly cloudy and we saw the Hubble Space Telescope pass by low in the Southern sky!It took me till 11:42 to get the first image. I had to struggle to remember how to do time exposures with the Nikon after a whole year of inactivity (yikes!) because I discovered that I did not have my camera's manual with me.After a time I did figure it out and got some nice images, though only with the camera mounted directly on the Atlas mount. It was very windy, so I couldn't mount the telescope and manually guide the camera with the guiding eyepiece like I wanted to do. I had to make do with the polar alignment I had (which turned out to be pretty good). This is my M31 image, which was unguided!I did almost without exception 10 minute exposures at ...

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