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Opportunity Sol 577 (Spirit Sol 597)

7 Sep 2010, 14:10 UTC
Opportunity Sol 577 (Spirit Sol 597)
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No rover driving today. Nobody thought to tell me or Cooper -- though, really, we could have figured it out if we'd looked at a (Mars) calendar. We won't even get the data for the drive they planned last Friday until 22:00ish today.This is the latest (and I hope last) vestige of our anomaly-inspired paranoia. They wanted to make sure that all the other stuff they'd planned, which included some MTES activities, went as expected before we drove. And they wanted to avoid calling the team in over the Labor Day weekend. Plus, this week's only a four-day post-holiday week, and since we're in restricted sols, we can drive only twice this week anyhow. So they held the drive until the last sol of the weekend plan, and we'll hit the road tomorrow.[Next post: sol 599 (Opportunity sol 580), September 9.]

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