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A Statement of Solidarity

4 Jun 2020, 15:18 UTC
A Statement of Solidarity
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The message below was distributed to the SDSS Collaboration on June 2, 2020, as a PDF and also as images on social media. The message is reproduced here for posterity and for “live” links. Some corrections to the original letter have been made, primarily correcting typographical errors or grammatical mistakes, but also in modifications to linked content after reflection on nuances in their statements. Making mistakes is part of the process of learning and of striving to be better; correcting them isn’t an act of weakness, but rather a statement of a lesson learned.
Dear SDSS Collaboration,
Among the many charges to COINS (the Committee on Inclusiveness in SDSS) is to evaluate the collaboration’s general climate, with respect to having a healthy atmosphere for encouraging young scientists to participate and lead scientifically and to inform the Collaboration on our findings and other resources on inclusivity.
Right now there are events across the world to protest violence and murder by the state. What follows below addresses directly specific issues within the United States, but we acknowledge that colonialism, racism, white supremacy, and other forms of oppression are occurring in many countries, including those of our colleagues in SDSS. We oppose the ...

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