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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 592

2 Sep 2010, 10:52 UTC
Spirit Sol 592
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Just in front of Spirit are a couple of tasty-looking rocks -- concave, with some kind of striations, almost as if they were wheel prints. At the SOWG there's a lengthy discussion about them. At issue is whether we should stay and IDD them -- MI at least, possibly with APXS -- or drive on and possibly return for this later.Driving away and coming back later is not something we do often. But apparently there's already one target they've pushed onto the return stack, some rock called "Irvine," and this could become another.The reason they're eager to leave is simply one of timing. We've already performed the first half of a long-baseline-stereo observation, taking a bunch of pictures of the valley beyond Husband Hill. The other half of that experiment is where we drive about 10m away and take pictures of the same terrain from the other vantage point. It's like having two eyes set ten meters apart, which provides fantastic stereo coverage. And all this will be important for our future exploration.But if we don't go ahead and do the drive, we'll be sitting in this spot for the weekend -- the extended, Labor Day weekend. The obvious compromise, ...

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