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Bennu is about to be sampled

22 May 2020, 21:01 UTC
Bennu is about to be sampled
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IMAGE: This illustration shows NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft descending towards asteroid Bennu to collect a sample of the asteroid’s surface. CREDIT: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

The universe is full of surprises, and each new set of observations makes it clear that space is full of things our human minds can’t come up with on their own. This need to see what is out there is part of why we robotically explore, and our team is really looking forward to one piece of exploration that is scheduled for this fall. We are super pleased to share that the OSIRIS-REx mission is now scheduled to collect materials from the surface of the asteroid Bennu on October 20, and the material will be collected from the Nightingale site.

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