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Bad Astronomy

Moonrise Mirage

14 May 2020, 13:00 UTC
Moonrise Mirage
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Astrophotgrapher Babak Tafreshi is a wonder: He travels the world taking amazing photos of the night sky, specializing in contrasting them with our own earthly objects in the foreground. He's the founder of The World At Night, a group of photographers trying to reconnect people to the skies via their work.

Born in Iran, he lives in Boston, and it was in his hometown that he took an astonishing and lovely time-lapse video of the Moon rising over the Atlantic. Pay attention: There's a lot going on in this seemingly simple and (literally) everyday event.

Whoa. Isn't that beautiful and weird? The shape of the Moon as it rises changes, warps, distorts, splits, and generally doesn't do what you might think.

I watched it at 2x normal speed, which helps tie together some of what's going on, but even then it can be hard to interpret everything going on.

The color, reddish-magenta, is due to our atmosphere. When light from an object in space comes through our air, haze and particles scatter it, sending it off in random directions. Bluer light is scattered more efficiently than redder (which is why the sky is blue), and when an object's on the ...

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