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Drew Ex Machina

The Original Mission of Apollo 13

21 Apr 2020, 05:06 UTC
The Original Mission of Apollo 13
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With the celebration of the anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, there have been many stories published about the efforts to return the crew back home following the oxygen tank explosion in the Service Module which deprived the crew of their primary source of oxygen and power. While these stories have largely focused on the accident and its aftermath, what about the original mission of America’s third attempt to land on the Moon?

The Mission Crew & Hardware
Building on the experience of the previous two lunar landing missions, the main objectives of the Apollo 13 mission were

Inspect, survey and sample material from a preselected lunar landing site
Deploy an ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Science Experiments Package)
Further develop capabilities to work in the lunar environment
Obtain orbital photography of potential future Apollo landing sites

The official patch for the Apollo 13 mission. (NASA)
NASA officially announced the crew of the Apollo 13 mission on August 9, 1969. The primary crew consisted of US Navy Captain James A. Lovell, Jr. as the Commander, US Navy Lt. Commander Thomas K. Mattingly II as the Command Module Pilot (CMP) and civilian Fred W. Haise, Jr. as Lunar Module Pilot (LMP). ...

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