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Physicists contemplates the end of everything

1 Mar 2020, 16:20 UTC
Physicists contemplates the end of everything
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Columbia University theoretical physicist Brian Greene discusses the human search for meaning amid the grand sweep of the universe during a Seattle appearance presented by University Book Store. (GeekWire Photo / Alan Boyle)
You might think it’s depressing to contemplate the view that the universe is likely to end in everlasting darkness — but that’s not how physicist Brian Greene rolls.
“I am quite upbeat about the end of everything,” he insists.
Greene lays out what scientists have learned about the grand sweep of cosmic evolution, and its implications for phenomena ranging from the origin of life to consciousness and free will, in a new book titled “Until the End of Time.” This latest work follows up on books dealing with topics ranging from string theory to parallel universes — and in its way, it’s just as mind-bending.
The Columbia University theoretical physicist’s efforts to spread the scientific gospel, good news as well as bad, brought him to Seattle last week, for a fireside chat with KUOW radio host Ross Reynolds and a Q&A session with fans at University Temple United Methodist Church.
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