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See Curiosity’s epic new selfie from Mars

26 Mar 2020, 10:04 UTC
See Curiosity’s epic new selfie from Mars
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The amazing new selfie from the Curiosity rover on Mars, taken on February 26, 2020. View larger sizes. Image via NASA/ JPL-Caltech/ MSSS.
While we’re practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EarthSky’s been posting your #SocialDistanceSelfies from places across Earth. But here’s one from quite a bit farther ….
It’s the newest selfie from NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, and it’s stunning.
NASA’s Curiosity rover recently joined in the activity, sending back a beautiful photo of itself at the base of a steep hill, just before it started climbing. NASA posted the selfie on its website on March 20, 2020.
Curiosity snapped the selfie on February 26, 2020, just before the rover crested the “Greenheugh Pediment,” a broad sheet of crumbling bedrock that sits on top of the hill. The image is a stunning 360 degree view of the landscape around the rover, with Curiosity itself the focus of attention. The entire panorama is composed of 86 individual images. At the time the selfie was taken, Curiosity was about 11 feet (3.4 meters) below the spot where it later climbed onto the pediment.
Also visible in the image is the latest drill hole made by the rover, in ...

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