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Opportunity Sol 562 (Spirit Sol 583)

24 Aug 2010, 04:55 UTC
Opportunity Sol 562 (Spirit Sol 583)
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Ladies and gentlemen, Spirit has arrived.More or less.The science team certainly seems to think so, and sent out congratulatory email to that effect. And Chris Leger has an argument that we're there: "Spirit's NAVCAMs can see horizon in every direction. If you were standing there, you'd say you were on the summit."But the rear HAZCAM tells a different story. There's still a slight rise behind us, which peaks just a little way out -- less than ten meters, to my eye, probably more like five.So we're there. Or we're not, depending on how you look at it. And maybe this isn't such a bad outcome, in its way: it gives us something to argue about, and more people who can plausibly claim to have been involved. I know I'm happy.But I'm not on that rover; I'm back upstairs in the Land of Opportunity. I've been gone only a couple of weeks, but it feels a lot longer. Opportunity has spent almost the entire time IDDing outcrop, mixing in a couple of short bumps to sample additional tasty regions. But thisol it's time for us to move on, and we're striking out boldly. The whole drive doesn't cover that much distance, ...

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