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Preparing to teach

22 Aug 2010, 15:05 UTC
Preparing to teach
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I'm preparing to teach my first introductory astronomy course. During my 9 hour plane ride back to the states yesterday, I worked on outlining the topics I want to cover during the course.

One of my teaching resources contains a list of topics students expect to be covered in an introductory astronomy course, many of which are not covered in most courses and texts. I figure that I will ask my students what they expect to be covered, and if there is something both popular and appropriate, I'll be sure to work it in somehow.

But I also thought I'd throw open the question to you: What topics would you hope would to be covered in an astronomy course that often are not? I put a poll on the side of this page. If your favorite answer is not listed, feel free to add it to the comments below. In case you are unfamiliar with topics often covered, here's a collection of astronomy course syllabi collected by Reggie Hudson at Eckerd College.

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