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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 581

22 Aug 2010, 03:36 UTC
Spirit Sol 581
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We made OK progress, about what we expected or a little less. The bad news is, the summit's about 45m away. That's more than Spirit's been covering in a sol, so we probably won't make it thisol.Not that that's going to keep us from trying. We have the advantage of being more or less atop the hill already, so the going is flatter and less sandy. We can do the first 20m of the drive blind, which is wicked fast (well, relatively speaking) and something Spirit probably hasn't been able to safely do since she started climbing. And that will help a lot."We might make it with three hours of drive time," Chris muses. "Hey, how much drive time do we have?""Two hours and forty-five minutes," Colette replies. Chris and I glance at each other -- and then turn back to Colette, wearing our most winning smiles. "I'll look into it," she says.The planning meeting continues. As the scientists are winding down, Chris notices something in one of the NAVCAMs. He has Brenda project his screen on the front wall, where everyone can see it.There in the distance is Home Plate.Home Plate is one of the reasons we climbed Husband ...

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