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Stunningly beautiful time-lapse storm video: Mike Olbinksi's 'Reverent'

22 Jan 2020, 14:00 UTC
Stunningly beautiful time-lapse storm video: Mike Olbinksi's 'Reverent'
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Regular readers have heard the name Mike Olbinski, oh, so many times here on the blog. But that's because he's an extraordinarily gifted photographer who takes ridiculously stunning time-lapse videos of storms. I've featured them many times on the blog, including "Vorticity," "Vorticity 2," "Monsoon II," "Monsoon III," "Monsoon 4," "Monsoon 5," "Undulatus Asperatus Sunset" (seriously, wow), "Pulse," and "Breathe."

Those last two are special, because he chose to make them grayscale (what some people rather erroneously call "black and white"). It's funny that removing something — in this case, color — can make the gathering storm clouds and their fierce eruptions even more dramatic, but it's true (I talk a lot more about this, and how grayscale works, in the "Pulse" article). The colors of storms can be staggeringly beautiful, but remove them and we're left with a heightened sense of tension and furor.

Olbinski's newest video continues in that milieu: "Reverent," a gorgeous time-lapse of magnificent and terrifying storms. Note: This is in 8k, if you can display it. I strongly urge you to make it full screen and set the resolution to the highest your monitor allows. Because wow.

[Warning: Some strobing effects are shown during the ...

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