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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Twitterverse Edition)

21 Aug 2010, 21:20 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Twitterverse Edition)
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This weeks Carnival of Space was hosted by Daniel Sims upon the Space Tweep Society.
Interesting articles ranged from nanomissles (scary!) to astronomy lovin’ animals to how Nixon starved off our grandparents space program (NASA tried!!).
Interesting articles within our star system included:

Bruce Leeeowe from Weird Sciences explains why colonizing the star system won’t save humanity (hint: space can’t save us from ourselves)
Stephanie Barr of Rocket Scientist makes the case for manned and unmanned space exploration (a must read).
Chris Dann of Weird Warp discusses the possibilities of colonizing Europa (without getting killed).
Brian Wang from Next Big Future enlightens us about those massive SpaceX rockets that could help us leave our home world

Be sure to read the rest of the articles from the Carnival of Space, and if you want to partake in the next round contact Universe Today on details on how to join!
(Image Credit: NASARobonaut via Flickr)


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