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Bad Astronomy

Your world, unmoored

13 Jan 2020, 14:00 UTC
Your world, unmoored
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Right now, you are adhered to the surface of a ball of iron, rock, and water, thousands of kilometers wide, spinning on an axis and, along with many other balls of various sizes and compositions and rotation periods, circling around a much larger ball of fiercely hot plasma that is hurtling through interstellar space along with several hundred billion other balls of plasma.

And yet you feel motionless. Try as you might, with just your senses to guide you, what you experience tells you is that you are fixed, truly unmoving, and it is the Universe instead spinning around you.

There is some merit in that view; when you walk from one place to another the various complex clockwork machinations of the cosmos don’t come into play, and the Earth under you is as needfully firm as it feels.

But if you shift your focus, release the egocentric frame of reference that has bound you since birth, you will very suddenly be aware of a much larger framework, one in which these motions are incurred by you, and not the other way around.

Providing that change in perspective is not terribly hard. All you need to do is keep your ...

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